About Me

Academic degree:

1. Master in Islamic Studies

2. Ph.D. Candidate of History and Civilization of Islamic Nations, University of Tehran



Research area:

1. Islamic shrines and sacred sites

2. Islamic heritage and manuscripts

3. Shiite history



Published Books:

1. Islamic Inscriptions and Gravestones in Syria [Farsi]

2. The Destruction of Islamic Shrines in Arab Countries [Farsi & Arabic Versions]

3. Prophet’s relics and Shrines of his Household in Syria [Farsi]

4. Qanbar: Imam Ali’s servant [Farsi]




1. Artistic and architectural monuments of Bohra Ismailis in Shiite’s holy shrines

2. Safavid order in Syria and Aleppo



Published Articles:

1. Illustrations of Prophet Muhammad’s relics in Ottoman Illustrated prayer books [Farsi]

2. Historical Works on the Sandals of Prophet Muhammad [Farsi]

3. Manuscripts of Mi’raj-Nameh (book of Ascension) by Shuja’i [Farsi]

4. Al-Idrisi’s Uns al-muhaj and its manuscripts [Farsi]

5. Taqāsīm al-Bilād; A Newly Found Manuscript Dealing with Astronomy and Geographical Maps [Farsi]

6. Map of Earth in “Safineh Tabriz” manuscript [Farsi]

7. Shiite Inscriptions in North Syria dated to 11th Century [Farsi]

8. Waqf Inscriptions of Tehran Old Mosques [Farsi]

9. Relics of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Iran [Farsi]

10. Relics of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Afghanistan [Farsi]

11. Sa’d al-Din Hammouii’s Letters [Farsi introduction / Arabic text]

12. Sheikh Junāyd Safavi’s Letter to Ibn Shamma’ al-Halabi [Farsi]

13. A Study on Shrines on the basis of Dreams in Egypt and the Levant  [Farsi]

14. Usama ibn Munqidh: Was he a Shia? [Farsi]

15. A Study of Imam Ali’s Path to Siffin and Siffin Battlefield [Farsi]

16. Mosques and Shrines attributed to Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyah in Azerbaijan [Farsi]

17. Shrines of Prophet’s Household (A.S.) and the Followers of Shia Imams in Syria [Farsi]

18. Shrines of Prophet’s Household (A.S.) in Jordan and Palestine [Farsi]



Other Projects:

1. The Illustrations of Holy Mosques and Shrines in Islamic Manuscripts and Art Works

2. Shrines of Iraq